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As we prepare to re-open our office, we want to make sure we are taking the necessary steps to protect both you and our staff. Here is the updated list of precautions we will be implementing at our office:

    1. We will be seeing a limited number of patients to prevent them from overlapping as much as possible. This will prevent unnecessary contact and help maintain the physical distancing guidelines between patients.
    2. We will have patients call us from their cars upon their arrival at the clinic, and we will confirm when they can come in. This will again minimize any contact between patients and prevent crowded waiting rooms.
    3. Each person, including our staff members, will have their temperature checked as they come into the clinic.
    4. All patients and staff will wear masks in clinic when possible. Our staff will wear medical masks. Our patients will be required to wear either a medical mask or any face covering over the nose and mouth (can be homemade).
    5. We will sanitize hard surfaces in the clinic rooms between patients. We will also have hand washing stations or hand sanitizer available for patients in the clinic rooms.
    6. All patients getting surgery above the neck/clavicles will be required to get COVID-19 RNA/PCR testing within 72 hours prior to surgery.
    7. All staff will wear PPE, and anesthesia will wear N95 masks when intubating/extubating patients as well as during the procedure.


Here are some steps you can take to help us protect you and our other patients:

    1. Show up on time. This helps to keep our clinic running on track and prevents unnecessary overlap and contact between patients.
    2. Reschedule if you are sick or have been exposed to anyone who is sick or may have COVID-19.
    3. Wear a mask (medical or homemade).
    4. Wash your hands often to minimize the chance of bringing in an infection into the office.
    5. Self-isolate 1 week prior to surgery to minimize the chances of getting COVID-19 and spreading it to other patients and staff.


As note, we may also cancel your surgery for the following reasons:

    1. development of symptoms,
    2. suspicion of exposure
    3. positive screening test.
    4. community need for resources.


A second surge is expected at some point, and we will evaluate the safety of surgery, procedures, and office visits on an ongoing basis. Take care, and we will be praying for the health of you and your families!


Dr. David Nguyen

& the Heavenly Plastic Surgery Team



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