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Nipple Reduction - Orange County, CA

What is a Nipple Reduction?

A Nipple Reduction is a minor procedure done to both shorten the length of the nipple and decrease the diameter (width). It can be done if you feel like your nipples are disproportionately long or large compared to your breast size.


Who's a Good Candidate for a Nipple Reduction?

Almost anyone can get a Nipple Reduction done if they feel like their nipples are too long or too large. Usually, you'll want to have reached physical maturity before having the procedure. Otherwise, the size may continue to increase until full physical development after puberty.

Patients who are lactating may want to wait until 6 to 12 months after the completion of breastfeeding before attempting to get a nipple reduction. Often, the nipples are swollen during this period and will shrink on their own with time. Once the swelling has settled, if you feel like your nipples are still too large, then you may proceed with the procedure.


How Do I Prepare for a Nipple Reduction?

The procedure is relatively simple, so not much preparation is required. You may consider getting Hibiclens antibacterial solution at your local CVS or pharmacy in order to cleanse your skin daily several times prior to the procedure. This will help disinfect the skin and ensure that you don't have an infection afterwards.

Any nipple piercings should also be removed as cautery may sometimes be used during the procedure to stop any bleeding or oozing. Having metal nearby may cause the tissue to become burned or charred.


How is the Nipple Reduction Procedure Performed?

Dr. Nguyen will typically discuss with you ahead of time the size that you would like to decrease your nipples to. It helps to have an item that approximately matches the size you wish to have, so it can be referenced during the procedure. Dr. Nguyen will perform the markings on your nipple to decide which areas will be removed.

The entire procedure takes about 1 hour for both nipples and is performed in a procedure room while you are awake. Local anesthesia will be injected around the areola on each side to keep you numb and comfortable the entire time. The whole procedure then becomes virtually painless. Incisions are made in the nipple according to the markings, and excess skin is removed. The breast ducts are left intact so that you will still be able to breastfeed at a future date if desired. After all of the excess nipple and areolar skin is removed, the tissue is reapproximated back together with dissolvable sutures. Bacitracin ointment may be placed over the incisions to help them heal faster and to prevent infection.


What is the Recovery from a Nipple Reduction?

After the procedure is completed, you will be given dressings for your nipples. You will go home the same day and be instructed on when to start antibiotics and pain medications. Patients typically complain of soreness for several days, but most can tolerate it while only taking Tylenol. You may shower 48 hours after the surgery, no more than 5 minutes at a time (face away from the showerhead). You may return to normal activity the next day, but avoid any heavy lifting for 1 week. The stitches will dissolve on their own and do not need to be removed. You may return to full exercise and activity after several days to 1 week.


What are the Risks of Getting a Nipple Reduction?

Risks of any surgical procedure include bleeding and infection. Because incisions are being made around the nipple, there is a risk of hypersensitivity or numbness. Usually this is temporary and improves over several weeks. Occasionally, we may not be able obtain exactly the size you want due to limitations in how much tissue can be excised for blood supply reasons. However, this will be discussed prior to the surgery.


What Can I Expect from a Nipple Reduction?

You will see your results immediately! Your nipples will appear shorter and less wide after the surgery. The stitches fall off on their own several weeks afterwards. The results are permanent. Many patients say they are thrilled about no longer feeling self-conscious about the size of their nipples, especially during intimate experiences with their husbands.


Always be sure to consult with a Board Eligible or a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to determine if getting a Nipple Reduction procedure is right for you! Dr. David Nguyen would be happy to see you in consultation to walk you through the process and discuss your results. Call 657-900-5055 for a free consultation today!



Nipple Reduction Cost: Starts at $1,000 $750 per nipple (Limited Time Only!)

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