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What is an Earlobe Repair?

An Earlobe Repair is a surgical procedure that involves either repairing a torn earlobe or repairing an earlobe that has been stretched or gauged over time.

Patients usually suffer from torn earlobes due to evil babies pulling on hooped earrings or because the earrings were accidentally caught on clothes, dressers, etc. Regardless of the cause, this usually results in a split earlobe that needs to be cleansed, disinfected, and sutured together again.


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Our patient in her 50’s had an earring accidentally ripped from her left earlobe while she was working. This is 4 months after the left earlobe repair.


Gauged earlobes or stretched earlobes are usually a self-induced issue. Stretched earlobes refer to earring holes that have enlarged over time, usually due to the weight of the large earrings. Gauged earlobes refer to a cultural style that involves sequentially enlarging the earlobes with gauges until they are several centimeters or more in size.


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Our patient 2 months after her earlobe repair to close her gauged ears.

Of note, we repair many gauged earlobes for patients looking to enlist for service in the military. This is often a requirement regardless of which branch you decide to join (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, etc). It is thought that the stretched, circular earlobes may potential get caught on something during activity, causing a distraction. For all those enlisting, we thank you for your service!



Do I Need to Prepare Anything Before My Earlobe Repair?

Generally no. If the tear in your earlobe was recent (within the last day or so), it can usually be repaired immediately. If you have gauged earlobes, you can schedule the procedure at the same time that you schedule the consultation. Make sure to set aside 3 hours total to fill out forms, have Dr. Nguyen see you and answer questions, give time for numbing, and do the actual procedure.



What is Involved in an Earlobe Repair?

The procedure will usually take about 30 minutes per ear. You'll be given an injection of numbing medication at the start in order to help reduce pain and to help decrease the amount of bleeding or oozing from the area.

If you have a recent laceration, it will be washed out with sterile fluid first. Then the torn edges will be reapproximated with non-absorbable suture. This type of suture needs to be removed later, but it helps to reduce scarring.

If you have gauged earlobes, stretched earlobes, or a torn earlobe that has healed incorrectly, Dr. Nguyen will start by making a wedge (triangular incision) to remove the affected areas. This will create new, flat edges that will come together aesthetically. Some ears will require a more complex repair pattern. A deep, absorbable suture will be placed to help prevent the repair from breaking down from accidental trauma. Non-absorbable sutures will then be placed.


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Patient right after Earlobe Repair


How Do I Care for my Repair?

Bacitracin or Neosporin ointment should be placed on your incisions twice daily for two weeks. You may have a little bit of oozing from the incisions over the first several days. That is normal.

You may shower after 24 hours. Sleep on your back. Do not lay directly on your ears.

The sutures on the outside will be removed at 1-2 weeks. You should stick to all listed precautions for another 2 weeks after your sutures are removed. Your ears still require more time to heal and become strong enough before you can accidentally tug on them.

What Should I Expect After the Repair? When Can I Wear Earrings Again?

Your earlobes should have great shape again after your repair! The results are immediate. The scars usually heal very well and fade with time. We do not recommend re-piercing your ears until 3 to 6 months after the procedure.



Earlobe Repair Cost: Starting at $750 per ear, or starting at $1,250 for both ears


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