“I’m scared to share skin care with someone who already uses Botox.”

Why not? That’s exactly who you should be sharing it with!

A friend from church invited me to her Rodan and Fields spa party. Having previously worked with a different skin care brand years ago, my curiosity got the best of me and I obliged. The atmosphere was incredibly fun and energetic. The girls chatted and laughed, especially at an off-handed comment that one of them had never been to Trader Joe’s in her life. It was criminal.

The topic changed to their skin care regimens. One girl mentioned that despite doing well in Rodan and Fields, she was intimidated to approach her friends who used Botox. “Why would they even need it?” she thought.

They need it because skin care products and Botox improve your skin in very different ways. You shouldn’t just use one or the other. You should use both because they are complementary!

Botox and a good skin care regimen make up only two of the four things you need to keep your skin at its best in the perfect anti-aging regimen. Botox paralyzes specific muscles in your face to prevent you from repeatedly breaking your skin by creasing it. Your skin care regimen, specifically the vitamin A-based product in your regimen (REDEFINE for those of you that use Rodan and Fields’ products), helps to reduce blemishes and heals wrinkles by increasing collagen production and thickening/strengthening your skin.

If you use Botox and not skin care, your skin won’t be creased, but it also won’t be healing itself and repairing the wrinkles as quickly. If you use skin care but not Botox, your skin will be trying to heal itself, but you’ll be constantly breaking it with repeated creasing. You need both to be much more effective!

So don’t be scared! Get out there and share this secret with a friend! Their skin will thank you for it.