Post-Operative Instructions – Labiaplasty

  1. Take medications exactly as directed. ALCOHOL is strictly prohibited. It is important to have food in your stomach before taking medications. If you should become nauseated or develop a rash, please call the office. Resume regular medications unless your doctor directs otherwise. Remember, you will need to avoid ASPIRIN and ASPIRIN-CONTAINING products for two weeks after surgery.
  2. No sex, dildos, or other toys for 2-3 weeks.
  3. Keep bacitracin/Neosporin ointment over the incisions for 7 days. You may want to use a pad to cover the area and prevent ointment from smearing on clothes or underwear.
  4. You may shower no more than 5 minutes at a time after 24 hours. No baths or submerging your incisions.
  5. Fever, shortness of breath, chest pain, or unusual pain in the operated area, especially if one-sided, should be called to the attention of the staff immediately.
  6. The sutures in the incisions are dissolvable and will come out on their own within several weeks.
  7. It is extremely important to not strain your body for several days. Avoid stretching the incisions. Do not lift over 5 pounds (roughly a gallon of milk).
  8. You must use your judgment and call the office immediately if you are concerned about a possible complication.